I burned my thumb

 or should that be burnt? 

On Sunday I was making cupcakes for little Mr to take to Pre School for his Birthday on Monday.
I usually wear oven gloves but on this occasion I used a pot holder and reached into the oven to turn the tray rather than pulling the oven rack out.

As I leaned over and reached in my thumb nicked the top inner edge of the oven the reaction was immediate as I quickly looked at the white sear across my thumb and turned to the sink. I held it under the running water as long as I could, next I retrieved the pot holder from the oven where I had dropped it and closed the oven door. Then I sat with my thumb in a glass of cold water I could see it had gone red around the outer edges and it was stinging and 'burning' if I took it out.

Dave came home and went off to the Chemist to get something for it, he bought what the Chemist recommended which claimed to soothe and heal. Instructions were to apply it 5mm thick and cover, this seemed in contradiction to what I thought about minor burns. I put some on and laid down on the lounge with it uncovered. After I applied the cream it really started to hurt in another way I felt pulsing, uncomfortable tingling pressure. 

I didn't apply it again. It didn't seem right.

Warning for the very weak stomachs ... dry scabby burn pic following. Its not too terrible but I know some people won't like it.


So this is my thumb today its quite irritating now as I frequently crack it when I am bending my thumb, its super dry, itchy and peeling a bit. I'm moisturising it frequently but suspect it might get slightly worse before it gets better. 

I also have a cold. Poor me. : (


  1. Do you have any Papaw ointment...comes in a red jar or tube...fantastic for burns, immediately and as they heal.
    Otherwise there must be an aloe vera plant in that amazing garden of yours ;)

  2. forgot to say...ouch!
    and those cupcakes look YUM!!

  3. Ouch! I second the Aloe Vera plant, I had burns all down my leg from when oil caught on fire. I used Aloe Vera, and it's cleared up so well. Barely any scars. Hope it heals for u soon. The cupcakes look yum and are making me hungry hehe :)

  4. And Happy Birthday to ur little man for Monday :)

  5. Another thing that I find brilliant for burns is emu oil. It usually takes the sting out of it almost straight away and prevents blistering most times as well.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  6. Oh Tammy! You poor thing!

    I recently dipped my finger in hot oil and the exact same thing was happening. The moment I took it out of the running water it was BURNING! I immediately phoned my sister who is a Nurse in the Adult Burns Unit in one of the major hospitals here in Brisbane and she said once you've run it under cold water for about 10 mins, wrap the burnt area in Glad Wrap. It's the air that causes the burning sensation. It worked a treat. Once you have the Glad Wrap on for about an hour, you'll find the burning has stopped and you can cover with an antibacterial bandage so no germs will get into the wound.

    Sorry to take over your post but just thought I'd let you know in case it happens again.

  7. Oh no poor you, and joe came home with a whopper burn on his finger this evening as well. We use burnaid at work as we get quite a lot of burns, i have a very big L shaped burn scar on my forearm-appropriate really as my name starts with L. I must try that glad wrap idea next time.

  8. I hope it heals up soon! I can't even count how many times I have done that same exact thing :). Happy Birthday to your son.

  9. Poor you, that looks sore. Aloe is what we use for burns, works a treat.

    I love the look of your cupcake tin...is the pink part silicon? Does it fit a standard muffin/cupcake tin?


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