Catch up

So I have been away from my little blog for a few days.

On Thursday we took our kids to their first swimming lessons.

On Friday I worked and had drinks after work. I don't usually get to do the drinks thing as I have Children but as it was School holidays my Miss was at Grandmas for the day to enable me to go to work.

On Friday Night I think I fell a little bit in love with this stylish woman.

Watching the royal wedding did take me back to watching Di and Charles' wedding all of those years ago. I totally loved it and let little Miss stay up late to watch until the couple returned to Buckingham Palace.

Yesterday ( Saturday ) I added some pages to my Garden blog and spent some time outside taking photos of things in the garden for posts.

I also shared my First Tarisota Layout on my Papercraft Blog there will be more coming over the next couple of weeks.

I am madly planning and preparing for a special party. I'm finding Pinterest great for this purpose and I have some further down the track Pearlie ( the park fairy ) Party planning going in the back of my mind too.

I had not ran for a week and was missing it, not the physical act of running but the effects on mind and body of the running. This morning I went out and completed Week 1 day 1 of C25K thanks to all my online friends singing its praises.

Tomorrow its back to School for us and as Today is my boys last day of Being 4 I am baking cupcakes for his class. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. Sounds like busy times at your place Tammy.

    Wasn't the wedding lovely? I love a good wedding. Even when a wedding car drives past, I'm always straining for a peek at the bride and groom.

    Am enjoying your garden posts. Good luck with the baking and birthday party planning. Mine are both in November and it takes me all year to firstly, plan and then secondly, to get over it! LOL

  2. That layout was GREAT! Well done.

    You are sounding busy. Hope the man had a great birthday tomorrow!

  3. The wedding was beautiful wasn't it:) I let the girls stay up late too to watch, they really enjoyed it and asked lots of questions.

    I hope your little boy enjoys turning 5, you've got some great ideas bookmarked for the upcoming party.

    I look forward to seeing your ideas for the Pearlie party too, we love Pearlie here.

    Have a good week, I hope you get to go for a run this week. xo

  4. Wow you have been busy and although i wasn't going to watch any of the wedding i actually watched the whole thing.


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