X marks the spot

As a wandered taking photos for my garden blog yesterday I was perturbed to see this.
Not something that belongs to us I simply can't imagine how it got here, at lest 1/2 way if not 3/4 up our driveway in the shrubs.
A big pink X.
Seems to big for a bird ... a far ( very far ) flying Frisbee perhaps?


  1. A reminder to get to an early start on your Xmas craft and cards? Maybe this will be you next Xmas tree.

  2. Well it sure is marking the spot. Dig immediately below for buried treasure. Ahoy me hearties and the like.

  3. That's cute Tammy! Just think of it as someone (or something) leaving you a big kiss!

  4. Oh Nessaknits I like the idea of treasure!

    Umm me thinks it is a sign (da da dahhhhhhhh) of what I dont know.

    A kiss sounds good Anne!!!!! Just dont goodle it or you will turn nuts!

  5. Neighbourhood treasure hunt?

  6. Ooh! Bizarre, Tammy. This takes me back to Mulder and Scully and all things creepy, best you hop inside the house and tape a big X on your window with masking tape and stay put for a while. ;)

  7. Ooops maybe some other children were playing in the street and maybe one of them accidentally/on purpose threw it to high and they couldn't get it down, or it could be girl aliens marking their next landing zone, oh who knows but it sure did give you something to photograph.


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