The tooth fairy.

... Visited here!

Last night she pulled out her tooth. It has been hanging by a thread for well over a week but the word was that it was still hurting so couldn't come out. I had started to get mildly concerned about the colour of her gum beneath it so asked her last night to show me what she could do with the wiggling.

As she could turn it 360 deg and get her finger under it I told her if she pushed it down hard or held on and pulled it would come out, and much to her absolute surprise it did! 
Oh the excitement that ensued! 

Her adult teeth are already through growing up behind her baby teeth and the other lower front middle baby tooth is in a very wobbly and precarious position too. It will be following shortly.

We put it in this tiny Vintage Glass that I just have one of, I opened the cupboard thinking to use a pretty little stemmed glass from a set but saw this and it was perfect! It is now officially our Tooth Fairy Glass.
I think it was originally from a set of Liqueur glasses of My Dad's.

This morning the tooth was gone and along with some coins a trail of fine pink glitter was in its place. 
The glitter seemed to bring about more excitement than the money!


  1. How precious. I have enjoyed every visit the tooth fairy has paid to our house...the excitement never fades :)

  2. I remember those days so well. I love that you have a special tooth fairy glass - great idea.

  3. Super cute, my children lose their teeth very slowly. My darling boy in 2nd grade is still yet to lose a tooth. One of my twins swallowed a tooth last week & the tooth fairy didn't come. She mentioned it to a few friends, apparently that quite routine, no tooth, no fee. Thank goodness all the parents are as slack as me, if there isn't a tooth, it's completely forgotten. Love Posie

  4. Oh Tammy how sweet, that sure does bring back memories.

  5. The little glass is a cute idea. My daughter had her first tooth fairy visit a few weeks ago too.


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