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If you regularly visit my blog you will not be surprised to hear I am thinking about baking. Not just biscuits but cake, muffins, pie, slice and many other things that can be done in my lovely new oven :)
There will be baking on the weekend, provided I can take a break from the nursing duties of the sick family members :)


  1. I love a good baking marathon :)
    Your bikkies look delish, care to share the recipe?

  2. It's good to give new ovens a workout, that way you get to know it's little ins and outs. May you produce many yummy things today :)

  3. Hey Tammy! Now you're cooking! LOL Great to see.

  4. Enjoy that new oven..can I mention I am just the teensiest bit envious? Those bickies would surely perk up any family sicklings.

  5. They look like peanut butter cookies!

  6. I just made some gingerbread ones and remembered the trick my mother taught me about smashing them a bit with the fork dipped in water. Instinct from all those years helping her in the kitchen I guess! You must share your recipe!

  7. I was just thinking about baking some Peanut Butter cookies the other day. My DH is quite possessive of the peanut butter jar though so I may have to wretch it from his hands to get the peanut butter for the cookies. ; ) He loves peanut butter on a sandwich, on crackers, or a banana EVERY day as his after work "snack". HAPPY BAKING!


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