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A story about our fridge.

I started out the fridge at our new place with some great little magnet clips I bought at somewhere like go lo. I love those clips and wish I had bought more. Favourite bits of Children's artwork got displayed here on these clips. The clips have a circular indent which I decorated with some Scrap booking stickers.

Then Children started to proudly display their own artwork as my youngest started to learn how to make smiley faces, many of which adorn the front top and lower door not shown here.

 The Thomas magnets are Scrap booking Chipboard shapes I got as a freebie and attached old advertising magnets to the back then trimmed. In the last few days my budding artist drew his first pic of our family all by himself!

Little miss aka the accomplished artist is dreaming of sailing away - perhaps because of some tension regarding who is the boss around here ?? This is her proudly self displayed artwork on the lower door.

Here is my little Yay for me addition from yesterday as I am in the early stages of learning to run as a form of exercise. I head out early in the morning and mainly walk but do bursts of running within that, I started with a difficult one minute less than two weeks ago. This was my longest burst. 

 and this is the business side :)


  1. My children love to display their art too and it is usually on the fridge :)
    Great job on your running, I have not long started the C25K in the hopes of actually being able to run again one day.

  2. No stickers on the clips on the business side T??
    I love showing off the kids artwork and displaying it on the fridge is perfect!
    Unfortunately, for my Mr 6 it is all about construction and his box creations are much more invasive and can't be attached to the fridge for display. lol!

  3. lol Jaki I ran out of sticker's the right size!!


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