Oven Update.

Today one of these will be delivered.

If you are interested you can read more about it here.
Its a 900mm free standing unit it will be installed tomorrow if all goes well.

This oven retails for around $2999.00
 I found it on sale for $2898.00 
I asked for best cash price and was told Around $2600.00. 
Appliances Online have this model for $2438.00 
I shopped around and found it for less online. I emailed appliances on line with the total charges from the online competitor and they offered me the oven including delivery and take away of old appliance for $2285.00.

A nice days work and great saving.
I chose Omega as it had the coolest door of the range I viewed in store and its moulded interior appealed as easier to clean. It is on legs which also is view as a plus by me. I do have concerns about the unnecessary messiness of such a wide grill drip tray and using such a wide oven will take some getting used to I see some potential advantages but only time will tell.


  1. sounds like baking will be first on the to-do list this weekend :)

  2. Woo hoo Tammy! Bet you can't wait to get baking again? Will look forward to seeing what this beautiful new oven can do. xx

  3. Lucky girl Tammy, do enjoy it! Thanks for the link for the info.

  4. exciting - a NEW oven!!!!

    What will you make first?

  5. Great bargaining and shopping around Tammy, i am sure that you will love the wider oven and before no time you will be saying "how ever did i manage before". Have fun cooking.

  6. It's amazing what a little walking with the 'fingers' will do - get bargaining Tammy! Hope you enjoy your new oven. I do believe cookies travel well :)

  7. I had a very similar unit at my old place and it was fantastic. You won't know yourself with this beauty helping you do your scrummy cooking! Good on you for shopping around too. x


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