Making Changes ... Home.

Its been a while since I have shared anything about the house.
Really everything has been at a standstill as life rushes on around us but we have had some ideas of what we wanted to change right from the start. 

One of those things was the enclosed Verandah.
The Verandah wrapped around one corner of the house and the previous owners enclosed this side section in a fashion. It has secure locking windows and doors.

In the front section were these two wire shelves. This part was used as their Orchid room. You see my lavender laid out here where I dried it.
The larger section was where their birds lived and joins the house via a glass sliding door.
The sections were separated by a big wire grille with another lockable sliding door. 

Rough wire shelves in Orchid Room

Wire mesh Grille looking from the front of the house.

Wire mesh grille looking towards the front of house.
I only show half the division in each section as my Mr was working there and didn't want to be in the pics.
So we ( he ) took out the divider and shelves which was a bigger job than we anticipated and now we have a gorgeous Sun room / play space.

from the back looking forward

From the front looking back
Much Nicer.
Happy Sunday.


  1. Oh thats a huge improvement... Lots of potential or pretty just as it is.

  2. Now that is really nice.

  3. You could do so much with this space...from wicker chairs and furniture or a green house of sorts.

  4. What a wonderful idea if you ask me...well donex

  5. Clever you for seeing the potential. As children grow you can NEVER have too much room. Love Posie

  6. Looks so bright and open T!!
    Great to see you guys really putting your stamp on the place :)

  7. Looks great. I love seeing home improvements. Makes such a big difference and is so worth it, isn't it?!


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