Last Minute Patchwork and quilted gifts.

This book has been on my Fishpond wishlist for the longest time. When buying some other books recently I saw that the price had dramatically dropped to around 25.00 and so I ordered it. ( there is another crafty book coming soon too! )
It arrived on Wednesday and Oh My Goodness it is truly delightful! There is at least one project I will be attempting soon and a couple of others earmarked to try for gifts! It is broken up into time parameters so gifts in under 2 hours ... and it goes up to things that take weeks. 
Stunning photography and projects, if you click on the book image it should take you to a publishers website with a wonderful gallery showing some of the projects.
Of course I will share what I make back here :)


  1. I love this book too. Good for when you need inspiration for a quick gift

  2. Looks gorgeous, love the cover :)

  3. i love this book. it was one of my first sewing purchases last year. I've made the quilted coasters several times now and the bag. There's so much good stuff!

  4. Oh no this looks like something else i will have to get.
    (have been on the pc a bit long now,head starting to spin) have a great Easter oh and your cake looked wonderful, really yummy.
    i will try and check in for your news.


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