A garden visitor

This is a Rose Robin, if you visit my Garden blog you will have seen him before or perhaps on Facebook as I have shared there too. It has visited our garden a couple of times recently and absolute delights and intrigues me. The cooler weather is bringing some really interesting birds around.

Have you ever seen any bird as cute?

From the back its so unassuming.


  1. Gorgeous T!
    My MIL would love it, she has a huge collection of robins from her trips to the UK.

  2. Oh Tammy! He's so gorgeous! I love birds and would love to see one like him. You're so lucky.

  3. He is adorable!!

  4. OK. That is one heart-skips-beats birdie. You are a lucky chook to have such a fine visitor (it's all evil Myna birds around here).

  5. Such a sweet garden visitor Tammy,
    Thank you for sharing him x

    I love your photographs they are Stunning!!!

  6. Ooohhhh, he's so gorgeous!!! What a lovely visitor to have.
    Hope you all have a very Happy Easter, Tammy :)


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