Easter Craft

 We made an Egg Garland. I Cut out some Eggs with My PTI Die and stamped some images onto them using the limitless labels and modern basics stamp sets.
This is what they looked at the start

Then I asked the Children to colour them in, They were a bit too small for the lil Mr's skill level so I ended up helping him quite a lot.

Then we taped them onto some kitchen string about 4 inches apart and hung it on some existing hooks in the house ( plenty of those still left around from the previous owners.)

The other thing we did which was the easter craft most enjoyed by both was to decoupage some Foam eggs.

I let them each choose their own favourite paper napkin and removed the back layer from it, then cut it into rough squares with the scissors and laid them out right side up in a pile.

I glued the eggs and the children stuck the pieces we did one end and then the other and this was done in a few stages, we needed to go back after they were dry and cover up a few exposed spots too. This was another craft they needed quite a lot of help and supervision with though I think perhaps if I was using mod podge or a decoupage specific glue it would have been easier for them. I used a gummy clear acid free paper glue.

Mine is the pink toned floral, The blue toned floral on the right is little Miss's and the gorgeous Blue one at the front is the Little Mr's. I think a glossy mod podge finish on these would be gorgeous but we only have Matte, I am still quite happy with this result :)

Happy Easter.


  1. Awesome Tam, when can I come over to play??

  2. Those eggs are beautiful Tammy, as is the garland. It's great to keep the kids occupied with craft. My son, like yours, needs a little help from time to time, and runs out of patience. He's more into playing with his cars most times.

  3. Tammy what a beautiful way to spend time with your children. The results were pretty great too!

    Cheers Karen.

  4. Love these covered eggs - they are too cute! Looks like loads of fun :)


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