A couple of Days ago little Miss called out to me she had found the most beautiful Butterfly and could I come and take a photo. I grabbed the camera and headed out to see this weary, docile Butterfly sitting under a Nandina. I got into the garden bed and down on the ground, incredibly close to it and it did not move or flinch.

After I took a barrage of photos from all angles I wandered off to see what else I could photograph while little Miss kept calling 'can I pick it up.' 

I didn't feel this was quite right but said if it let them and they were gentle OK. She sent her brother into the garden to retrieve the butterfly which he bought to me amazed that it would sit on his finger and being so gentle, when Miss demanded her turn to hold he very protectively said 'No.'

He quickly turned away from her and the Butterfly tried to make a run for it - It didn't seem keen to fly. I said that was it, and told them to gently place the butterfly under the nearest bush and leave it be.

After it was safely placed under shrub Miss insisted she give it a flower, I ( quietly ) rolled my eyes and said Ok and was amazed when she placed the flower immediately in front of the butterfly and it crawled up on them, without prompting or hesitation. Nice work Miss, please excuse and ignore your eye rolling mother.

Then of course little boy had to add offering of flower also. The butterfly then crawled across onto the lil Mr's flowers too, and stretched it wings. 

After several hours a location Check was made and the butterfly was still in the general area.


  1. Tammy, I wonder if it could have fairly recently hatched? The monarchs that I've been hatching have been hanging around for at least a day and more often two days while they get their strength up to fly off. During this time they are incredibly tame and will choose to climb onto my finger if I put it near them. once they leave there's no way I'd even get close to them!

  2. It's butterfly paparazzi at your house. :)

  3. Hi Tammy, we've had the same guys around here at the moment and they are really tame after hatching. Check out my post on 14th March, I have managed to capture them from catapillas to butterflys.

  4. Now thats a beautifull butterfly and i should take note of the colours to use as inspiration for cards (whenever i get my new glasses) and how great are your kids to be so gentle, you have taught them well.


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