Breakfast Wrap

This was my breakfast on Friday. I was Hungry!
I tried to replicate one of my fave cafe breakfast wraps and did quite well. For a fraction of the price.

Take a flat bread - I used Mountain Bread - spread it with Sauce, relish or chutney of your choice.
Top with lettuce, diced tomato, capsicum & Scrambled Eggs.
Season as desired.

Roll up cut in half and enjoy!

Of course you could add red onion, Avocado, Mushrooms ... anything you like really.

Quick, Healthy, Delicious and filling. :)


  1. Looks absolutely delicious Tammy! I love the new look for your blog as well.

  2. Tammy that looks delicious. You could even have that for a light dinner too. Thanks for the yummy meal idea. xo

  3. Hello sweetie!! Thanks for stopping by to say hi ♥♥♥ How yummy does that wrap look!!
    OMG....I LOVE the mustache papers from hambly, I have missed so much over the last few months. I hope blue bazaar gets some in.
    It was wonderful to hear from you, talk to you again soon ;) xox

  4. That looks delicious Tammy. I always forget about the good old wrap. A quick but filling breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thanks for reminding me.


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