Washing ( Laundry ) - Fail

I don't separate darks and colours. I do typically separate reds ( including orange and dark pink ) and whites ( except white socks ).
Also denim lately. This works fine. Has always worked fine for me. If I had a new item of dark I would do a dark load the first couple of times I wash it.

On Friday afternoon when I hung the load I had programmed to end as we got home I thought I detected a faint pink tinge in some of the socks and something that was blue.
Then when I took out yesterdays wash OMG it was pink, no doubt about it as pink as pink could be. Indiscriminately. The darks and school clothes ( thank goodness ) didn't hold the colour. 
The only thing the two loads had in common was that I used the pre-set cycle. I don't usually let it run for the full 2 hours 40 as I'm not organised enough for that ; )

I suspect this unassuming brown cardigan, being washed before hitting the charity bag - would you believe, is the culprit for yesterdays pinker than pink wash.

This was a crisp white floral and a black shirt with green and white stripes. Its now pink and olive striped and washed to within and inch of its life trying to get the pink out.

These pyjamas were a lovely light purple

This pastel pink ( Man's ) shirt was light blue.

These socks and hankies were white

As it is overcast these photos do not adequately portray the actual shade of pink here.
There are track pants with pink stripes and other items with slightly altered shades.
Some underwear that was ( I have no idea what colour ) is now orange. Some also are pink.

So maybe I have to rethink my washing strategy. Sigh.
Are you laughing ... despite this being frustrating , I do see the funny side ; )


  1. Oh no! You need a product called 'Colour Run'. Wash on cold with all the 'pink' stuff in there with the sachet. Magic! You can get it from the supermarket where they keep obscure laundry items like dryer sheets and dyes.

    I have those same floral sheets... x

  2. Hate when that happens Tammy :(

  3. not laughing, smiling just a little :)

    It has been soooooo long since I turned a load pink...actually I think it was a holiday in England where I had to use an unfamiliar front loader and didn't realise it heated its own water. I only ever do a cold wash here at home so wasn't in the habit of separating whites and colours!

    Off to do a few loads of washing myself now...I will be thinking of you and your pink load ;)

  4. No. I am laughing! But I do feel your pain. My mum never sorted, and often had loads looking like that. Run away was always on the shopping list! I, however, always sort. I leant my lesson watching my mum xox

  5. I am a sorter, so haven't had this type of disaster....yet. But I have heard of something called "Colour Catchers" that are supposed to help in this situation. Incidentally I think the black shirt looks perfectly lovely with it's pink and olive stripes. In that case, I think you can call your stuff up a creative victory :)

  6. Try doing a long wash without the culprit Tammy, you may restore them.

  7. I am very naughty as i dont separate anything unless it is brand new so i will surely have to try the "colour run" that Maxabella is talking about. I like to think that i am saving water, thats what i tell everyone, but really i am just lazy.

  8. Yes, well I can't laugh, I turned SIL white underware pink last year. Cost me a fortune replacing it.

  9. i think we have all been there and i am pretty sure when i will again


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