Today I ...

Baked Bread.
For the first time in the longest time!

Theres just something about the crust of home made bread that makes you never want to buy commercial bread ever again ...or is that just me?

** edited to add after a couple of people asked. I use Rhonda jeans 2007 bread tutorial recipe minus the gluten flour. This is a great Tutorial if you are starting out with bread and a delicious recipe too.


  1. Oh i totally agree with you Tammy :D yummy! The hardest part for me is always waiting long enough for the loaf to cool so i can get a straight slice!

  2. That looks divine! It's the smell of fresh bread that always gets me. So, so good!
    What recipe did you use? I still bake but have gotten stuck in the Artisan 5 minute rut!

  3. No Tammy. You're not alone. Freshly baked bread is my weakness. I have been enjoying free bread for the last couple of years. Every Wednesday, this lovely couple from the local church go around to all the Brumby's and Baker's Delight bakeries and pick up all the bread that would have been otherwise thrown out. It does us fine.

  4. You're not alone at all. Like Cass I'm wondering which recipe you use?

  5. I love the smell of bread baking...and don't even get me started on hot bread with lashings of butter :)

  6. You cannot imagine how I wish I was brave enough to attempt baking my own bread. It just seems so scary, yeast and rising and all of that stuff that my domestic disaster voice says is just so hard!

  7. Your bread looks so yummy. It's been ages since I've made homemade bread either, it tastes sooo good I agree much nicer than bought bread and a great feeling knowing you made it too. xo


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