So many Distractions...

I headed out side to return the extra long extension cord to the Garage.
While I was out there I though I might as well bring the recycling bin back up the drive now it had been emptied. On the way down I spotted two ripening figs so grabbed them before the birds notice!
On the way back up with the bin I saw two feathers I knew Little Mr would like for his collection then noted a Banksia man had fallen and thought he'd be great to add to our new basket of collected seeds and such.

What I bought back inside

Seeds and things basket

Ripening Figs
I had read that figs do not ripen off the tree but the ones I bought in yesterday are definitely deeper in colour today. Can anyone confirm this ?

A container full of feathers collected over the years! 
It hard to get anything done with so many wonderful distractions but pottering is so very much my work style so I happy to have productive and beautiful distracting to help me on my pottering path  :) 
Thanks for all the lovely supportive messages on my last post : )


  1. We get distracted while out walking or playing at the son picks up every interesting thing he lays his eyes on from leaves to twigs, feathers to stones...we have quite a nice collection of nature's bounty now.

  2. I think most creative peeps are easily distracted especially by the beauty of nature :)

    I think that is right about the figs, my Nan used to always pick them green but it may have been for the same reason you did, to save them from the birds ;)

  3. Can't confirm fig ripening technique, can confirm a dedicated shared love of banksia men though!!

  4. They definitely do ripen off the tree - the ones we picked on Saturday changed colour overnight (after being left in the car - maybe that's the secret...?) and are lovely and soft today!

  5. Ohh Tash - maybe they are like tomatoes and will ripen fully if it is warm enough. :)


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