The Mum and the Chef - Plums

I decided to play along with the Mum and the Chef this time.
I still can't decide if it was good fortune or a cosmic joke that the ingredient chosen was PLUMS.

I let it sit with me for a while and in the end I really really am over plums and didn't not have the desire to try one of the new recipes to cook up a sauce or relish. I did not want to see another plum.
So I fell back to using the Jam I had made weeks ago with the plums.

For those of you who don't know we bought a new property in January.
There are 5 plum trees. 5 varieties of plums ( I was thinking there were 6 but can't work out if I have missed one now or miscalculated the quantity of tree's in my plum haze earlier )  Hence I have had plums coming out of my ears and I'm done.

I chose to make jam drops.

Recipe :-        2 eggs
                      3/4 cup sugar
                      2 cups SR Flour
                      125g butter 
                      and some jam 
Method :-
Cream the butter and sugar, add eggs one at a time and beat in. Add flour and mix to a dough. Break dough into pieces and make a depression in the centre, fill this with jam.
Bake at 180deg for approx 15 minutes.

To get a good deep depression in my dough I used the end of a toddler spoon, I'm sure the other Mums would potentially have something handy like this about.

This was a bit sticky and I found if I popped both the spoon and the dough into the fridge for 10 mins or so it worked much better. My thought was to perhaps put the spoon in the freezer ahead of time next time I make these.

They spread a lot! make sure you have plenty of room on your tray for these babies to grow.
The tartness of plum jam gave these a point of difference from the sweeter jams traditionally used.
Verdict - Delicious.

These are the other Peeps playing along and hosting so pop along and visit these girls for what I am sure will be more creative plum inspiration that what I have shared.


  1. Oh YUMMY!!!
    they look so wonderful Tammy, I haven't made jam drops for the longest time..They always taste beautiful with home made Jam :)

  2. Just the way I like Jam Drops Tammy. The bigger the better and better still with home made jam. My first time at "The Mum & The Chef" too.

  3. Yum, ::giggling re plums::

  4. Ah Tammy i wish we lived closer as i would take some of those plums of your hands. Plum jam is my favourite and i have to go buy plums just to make the jam. Those biscuits look delish.

  5. Oh YUM they look so good - Thats not cheating at all ! Ive never made jam its on my to do list this year :)
    Tamar x

  6. Yum... are you sending out samples?

  7. Tammy, I can practically smell them from here. The perfect after-school treat!! x

  8. These look SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Goood! My mouth is WATERing...drip drip..haha
    Gotta try to make these! Awwwesom post!
    xoAdvice From a Caterpillar Store

  9. Hi Tammy! It's been a long long time! Glad to see you're still blogging away! ;) Hugs!

  10. They look so good...I'm dreaming of an old fashioned pot of tea, beautiful old china & one of your gorgeous biccies. Cooking doesn't have to be innovative to be great! yum


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