A little Monster

I made this card for my little Mr to give to a pre school friend, whose party he went to yesterday.
My briefing was mostly red with other colours.
When I showed him he was disappointed that I hadn't included green.

I combined the monster from the PTI 'tiny treats Halloween' set and the Balloon from the TSG 'Make a wish' Set. I drew in the string.
The TSG ( there she goes ) Make a wish are my 'go to' for little Birthday sentiments lately.

Here is the card with the gift, the light was terrible so it looks a bit pink in this pic, the top one is more accurate

It was great to see little Mr racing around the play centre with all his class mates. Since he has started preschool his independence is really growing and we are seeing different aspects of his personality emerging. Its great, even if a little sad at the passing of the last stage, to see him growing up and witness the emergence of the 'boy' that he is growing into.


  1. cute card T...lol at Mr 6s comment, he should have just asked for a rainbow card! :)

  2. All your cars look great Tammy. I'm inspired to start searching for stamps and cardstock to make my own :)
    Sami Jae.

  3. The happy birthday is in green.Perfect card Tammy.


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