I indulged

My love of depression Era glass, and bough this vase with the pocket money I have been saving.

Its so beautiful! 
and ... it has a frog!
My first Vase with a frog.

I filled it up with flowers immediately and chose this slightly out of focus, 'not quite right light' image to share as I think this image looks like a vase that could have been on any table, in any house, anywhere 50 years ago. ( it needs a doily though! )

Just beautiful. 


  1. Scuse the ignorance, but where is/what is the frog you refer to?

  2. Jay the frog is a circular piece of glass with holes in it, shown in the second photo, it sits inside the vase to aid with placement of the flowers and allow even distribution across the opening in a wide mouth :)

  3. Gorgeous T, better get the crochet hook out :)

  4. It is gorgeous TammyJ. And you're so lucky to have fresh flowers to put in it. My Nanna had quite a few (with frogs) but she also had an endless supply of fresh flowers in her garden. She was a big fan of dahlias and had them in every shape, form and colour. She also supplied her church with flowers every Sunday and used to win best garden in the street every year. I'd win best variety of weeds at the moment but will tackle it when it gets a little cooler.

  5. Gorgeous!! Please tell me you follow Bord & Butik, she's the depression ear collecting queen, in Alaska. Check her out, love Posie

  6. It is gorgeous. So are the flowers.

  7. It's lovely Tammy. now what about a depression era doily?

  8. Ha I am like Jay and was actually looking for a frog in the pattern. Its beautiful Tammy, that is pocket money well spent.

  9. Stunning! Where did you find this beauty!


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