A gift.

A Good Health / Cheer Up gift for my Fig loving work friend.

As I made the tag for this last night a whipped up a few gift cards too.
It was good and easy. I really enjoyed it.
Last night I had a restless sleep and a crazy dream about a house that had about 4 secret kitchens concealed at its heart at the end of an ordinary unloved hall way. I have a real gift with deciphering peoples dream symbolism and usually find my own more obscure.
What a great obvious message my own subconscious handed to me about having so many options for  nourishing myself in my core. Down a neglected hallway yes but sitting there shiny and clean and colourful just waiting to be used!


  1. Great gift idea Tammy i will have to remember that.

  2. Beautiful gift Tammy, figs are my all time favourite fruit, I love them covered in chocolate (totally naughty thinking of chocolate at this time in the morning...)

    What an interesting dream!

  3. I love all the trouble you have gone into - rather than like me who would have shoved them in a plastic second bag and handed them over - you have wrapped beautifully and card and all.


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