Dipping back into Knitting

I decided to knit a dishcloth inspired by a simple living challenge at the DTE Forum. So went to my basket and pulled out some Bendigo woollen Mills Cotton. I love my crochet dish cloth made from this. 

I found the pattern for Deb from Homespun livings Waffle weave dishcloth tucked away in there too and so started knitting.

It wasn't until I was half way through or further that I realised that there should have been a border at the beginning and last time I made this I obviously wrote down the pattern section only ...
It was one of the first things I had knit when I started again after all those years. The entire pattern can be found here lol. Well I guess its just one lovely imperfect dishcloth for me and one less for the intended gift stash.

Pop on over to Kootoyoo for lots of lovely ( perhaps some more imperfect ) creativity today.


  1. They are awesome dish cloths T ... mine is still going strong and well :D

  2. I love that pattern and have used it many times. I think I've done the same thing with the ending once - forgot to knit the border. Just embrace the homemade imperfections :)

  3. You are a lady of many talents!

  4. I'm thinking of getting "back" into knitting too... I'll know I'll regret it though lol. Maybe I should try this too!

  5. I picked up some balls of cotton from the op shop yesterday Tammy to do this very thing. I've made them in the past as Christmas gifts but definitely need some for myself. Thanks for the inspiration, and the pattern.

  6. The cotton you are using looks really lovely, one day I'll have to buy some. A new knitted dishcloth is always handy to have Tammy, it looks great. xo

  7. I think that was one of the first dish cloths I ever knitted thanks to a suggestion from you.
    I still use it and love it.

  8. Yay Tammy! You go girl!

  9. Doesn't matter Tammy it will work just as well, i have given away most of mine and can never find any when i want to use some, so i will have to make some more for myself.

  10. Plenty of my dish clothes are imperfect as well...

    I LOVE the look of that ball!

  11. I do that all the time - then kick myself every time. And this would be why I should get my act together on Ravelry - apparently.

    PS. Love the bonus get-to-keep thing though!

  12. Tammy I love that cotton. I didn't know that Bendigo wool mills did cotton! The pattern looks lovely and I wouldn't worry about the border.


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