So over plums ...

I made more jam this afternoon.
It took too long, I was too hot and too tired. 
Made the BIGGEST mess ever.
 I wiped off the cook top, floor, bread board. Rinsed the bowls and pots and spoons and decided to have a Cuppa before I went back to finish the clean up.

As I rinsed my cup I looked up and saw this on the window, It wasn't there earlier as I was watching for the Currawongs in the other fruit tree so I could shoo them.


Totally Incredulous...
I even got Jam on the window!
I wet a paper towel and took a swipe at it.
Even more Incredulous its on the outside!!

Thanks Birds.
Perfect timing.
I have to laugh. 
Now back to my sink. 
At least I have a nice view :)


  1. LOL! this made me laugh Tammy, Birds and Fruit!
    I've been feeding a female bower bird grapes over the past couple of weeks...and wondering why my strawberries were not fruiting, I must be thick!!! of course the bower bird has been eating them ;)

    Well done on making more jam :)

  2. lol!!
    We had a plum tree in the backyard growing up and I remember them as never-ending! They are a truely prolific fruit :)

  3. This really made me laugh! Maybe they were trying to create a distraction whilst they got up to something they shouldn't! Never underestimate birds lol! Stacey

  4. A great post Tammy! The birds are into all of our fruit too at the moment.


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