Girls day Out

On Wednesday Little Miss and I headed off to the National Art Gallery for the Ballet Russes Exhibition

This sphere an Iconic sign to anyone who has been there. I remember it taking my breath away upon sight during my first Visit there as a Child


The plaque outside the entrance we were waiting at. Little Miss liked that it was 'really old' and ran her fingers over the text.

She ran around outside taking pictures of everything she could see, once we got inside our cameras were into the backpack and stored at the cloakroom.

This was her favourite piece from the exhibition. It was the one piece she could identify as most like a modern day Tutu. The detail and workmanship in all of these garments is astounding. Its from the Ballet  ' Le Mariage d'Aurore' [ Aurora's Wedding ]

image from Aust Nat Gallery website. Link above.

Afterwards we stopped by Shop hand made Canberra and bought ourselves some pressies which I will share later. During our visit we did manage to knock over an artists work and damage it, much to my horror and dismay. However ( who I am told is ) Rachel at Shop was most gracious about it and kind to my little Miss who was worried and Scared, an artist herself, like me feeling with accuracy the potential pain of having something you worked hard on and put your heart into damaged. Rachel sent her away reassured and Happy.
Thanks Rachel : ) 

All in all we had a lovely last day alone together before School goes back next week.


  1. The exhibition is tempting us. So glad that the lady was kind to MIss 6, I know exactly how it is.

  2. Ahh Tammy, what a wonderful way to spend the day, you so need to get back into scrapbooking just to preserve that memory. have you seen the latsest craze at the minute i cant think of the name of it but it comes as a kit and you just add your photos into the sleeves and journal on the cards they give, its really quite wonderful, i will find out the name and email it to you.

  3. Noticed your little miss is perfectly dressed for the exhibition in her gorgeous tutu skirt Tammy :)

    So lovely you could have a girls day out!

    Unfortunately its a fact of life that we all have accidents, just so wonderful miss 6 was treated kindly xxx

  4. I am hoping to see the exhibition, looks great. I was in the Handmade shop recently buying gifts for cousin's new babies - 4 different cousins, 4 new babies. Glad they were nice to your daughter, could have been traumatic.


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