First Party Invite :)

Little Mr recently received his first invitation to a Birthday Party from a friend at day care so I made the Birthday Girl a card.
It was the second card I have made since we moved into this house and I seem to have my supplies set up nicely and in a accessible way. I really enjoyed creating for a purpose. I miss playing with Paper and will fall back into it when I feel more settled and have a better rhythm here.

I'm really thinking about if its worth keeping my Madeit shop open. I love that people buy my cards but the cost for listing, featuring and selling really aren't giving me any return on what I do sell through that Avenue. Any suggestions for other options? 

I blinged up the Hero Arts Giraffe with some Kaiser rhinestones.
I'm planning on playing along with Kirsty in her creative space for the first time in about a year I think : )


  1. That card is so sweet. I hope your boy enjoys the birthday party!

  2. what a gorgeous card. i think you will make a birthday girl very happy

  3. Love the card. I'd be happy with it too, and I'm MUCH older than 5!

    I don't have any suggestions for selling, except perhaps a small market that has low stall costs? I think people might be more receptive to seeing the cute cards in person, than online.

  4. Beautiful cards, I love giraffe's! Selling online is hard, maybe you could approach your local florist and sell through them. Good luck!

  5. Super cute card. The florist idea is a good one, I'm sure they would love handmade cards.

  6. Gorgeous Card Tammy :)

    I'm having a break from online selling at the moment Tammy after a couple of years of doing it, and enjoying the break ;)
    I agree with Michelle, if you can try a small market..& also with Jacqui, finding a couple of gift stores that would like to take some of your cards on commission....might help :)

  7. Hi Tammy, thanks for the comment about my wonky heart. Love the giraffe card. Have enjoyed watching the cards that you create. Also enjoying looking around your new garden.

  8. Just found your comment about the slaters. Will give your suggestion a try. Thanks.

  9. I like working with paper too. Something nice about the cutting and pasting. Making for children is fun. I really like your giraffe. Pretty cute! Not sure about the online stuff. Maybe try a craft market or a farmers market type thing...

  10. Way to go Mr 4, i hope he enjoys the party and Tammy you better get your card supply ready as it will be a party every other weekend, and the card looks great.
    How about having a stash of cards in a nice container on your desk at work.

  11. Your card is gorgeous!
    I either make my own cards now (they are not as nice as yours!!!) or I buy them online, but I know the fees and time you need to maintain your madeit shop, and understand (first hand) that there is not much return.
    I am shutting my madeit store soon, not worth the effort at the moment.
    Good luck with finding a new avenue :)

  12. The card is lovely...shame to close your shop down I have just dabbled with Big Cartel...seems cost effective for my little going interest.

  13. thanks for playing along, so i found this great project, it is stunning, i'm awed again and again at how much love and creativity mothers invest in the birthday celebrations of their small!

  14. that giraffe is so cute! great card =)

  15. Love that card its beautiful and bright! Stacey x

  16. Only markets if you can do them. I love your card. Or maybe make things that cost more to sell :-)

  17. love the card, and I clicked on your shop, very nice cards there, too. I can't help much as I am a beginner selling things on Etsy so all I can suggest is to use a wider shop like Etsy -- I am in Canada and have sold to an Australian address, and American along with Canadian...
    Good Luck -- ps came to visit you via kootoyoo

  18. that card is gorgeous!


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