Despite the best intentions.

In Little Mr's room there were floral and lace curtains.
In our unpacking and organising efforts we got to a certain stage of liveable comfort and life started to go fast again so it all came to a standstill. One day last week I decided to start up again.

I pulled out the old blue excess curtains we had taken from our old house, they are heavy and I was feeling a bit doubtful they'd be good for this darker room but was trying to use what I had.
The blue were the correct length but very dusty. I realised our new washing machine could handle them easily so popped them in. These have been in storage for quite a while and were hanging in the house when I bought it in 1999 so goodness knows how old they are or how long they were hanging.

This is how they came out of the machine ...

The lining of each curtain totally disintegrated it was a light weave ( cotton I guessed )  

Inconvenient but as I had been thinking that these were too heavy for the room anyway I thought well I have no choice now but to cut the lining out. All was going well until almost at the end of lining removal from curtain two when ....

Yep I cut the fabric too.
I was doubtful about mending this heavy fabric hear to the top of the hang , thinking it would pull undone and rip further so I opted to iron on a denim mending patch at the rear of the curtain.

It worked beautifully and I knew that once they were hanging and had the pleat hook hanger things ( technical term ) in the back it would not be noticeable.

So I went ahead and dried them a couple of hours additional time had now been put into this seemingly simple task. Once ready I took them into the room, other curtains already removed and started to thread the hooks into the channels at the back of the curtain; each and every one I tried ripped in much the same way the lining had. 

It got the better of me. I gave up.
Little Mr still has floral curtains.
I think we might now consider a blind ; )


  1. LOL!!! I am laughing only because I thought this sort of thing only happened to me.
    Good luck with your next window furnishng attempt.

  2. ARGHHHH I hate it when that happens. ALl that work and determination - argh!

  3. oh no :( that is just so frustrating. I think I'd have curled up on the floor in a huff!

  4. Argh! That would drive me bonkers after all that effort!

    Buy a length of fabric and pin it up about half-way along the window. Will work until you can get something more permanent! x

  5. oh bother, how frustrating for you!!


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