Things here seem busy and I'm a bit overwhelmed and frazzled to say the least.
I know why and hope to blog about it soon. ( nothing exciting - just life )

I was stunned in a happy way to see cyclamen flowering in the Winter garden here ( I have named some sections ) These are where the camellias etc are. I love cyclamen and have never managed to get one to flower once growing in the ground - let alone in summer ;)

These are the garden visitors of the moment and very entertaining. I am usually alerted to their presence as I hear them rifling through the leaf litter, rustling about under the kitchen window. Its comical to see them run up the paving grab a dropped plum from the ground and run back into the bushes with their prize!

Common Black Bird ( female or juvenile )
I'm also enjoying watching bees land on Lily pads and make their way to the edge for a drink.
What are you enjoying lately?


  1. I felt that way last week...and found joy in the little things around me. A giggle from my baby, chit chat with my homeschooled son, dinner cooked by my little Miss, a hot drink from my hubby..nothing like the unconditional love from my family :)

  2. I hope that things calm down soon. I have been enjoying cooking with my big girl I'm so proud of her and seeing my little girl improve with her swimming keeping a smile on her face always. Enjoy the rest of your week. xo

  3. TAMMY

    Take a deep breath. Sit down and just ground yourself. Decide what HAS to be done and what can wait. Then just pace yourself...

    You can do it! I have days like that and I find it best to shut away from it all and just sit or stitch or read till I feel my all frazzle bits settle.

  4. My week was full on too, today, insane!! Love how we can stop & appreciate things though, let the world spin on its own. Love Posie


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