One of the first things I wanted to share with you were the lovely floors here. I took this photo of my Laundry tiles before we moved anything in. This same tile pattern goes through the two way toilet into the bathroom.
That's the toilet door you see on the left with the blue framework. For some reason I especially love it in the laundry but not so much the others, I don't dislike it, I just don't love it as much IYKWIM. 
I did note however the lack of floor drain here and put it away in my mental file.

Until last Sunday when it was very rapidly retrieved. 
Our washing machine, who has been revived several times over the last 18 months, finally decided she had had enough and went out in grand fashion. Not breaking down in her typical beeping way but just filling and filling and filling with a bit of washing in between and no other function at all.

As it most luckily turned out Dave happened to go by the open door and see this in time to turn it off. I knew where the box of cloth nappies was ( and it was within reach ) for me to stem the flow of both laundry and bathroom just prior to it hitting the parquetry in the hall. 

Also no floor drains in the bathroom. So the laundry, toilet, storage cupboard and bathroom flooded. I must say I hesitate to use the word flood in relation to this when there is such a terrible array of loss associated with the Natural Disaster's in Australia right now.

Thankfully we were able to sweep most of it back out and mop it up. It was a warm breezy day so the sun through the skylight helped the bathroom dry out and the breeze through the back door aided the laundry.

I did some online research and negotiated the best online price for this Electroluxe front loader with Appliances online Australia  I bought/ordered it on Tuesday and it was delivered and Installed at 7am today. They even took the old machine away. Great price and service.

4 Star energy efficiency 4.5 star water efficiently.
I'm using my home made washing powder in it.
4 loads of washing later - so far so good : )

and a perfect day for drying it.


  1. Oh no, floods everywhere!! I married the son of a plumber so unlikely he would have missed that & made a large issue about lack of floor drainage!! Gorgeous day isn't it, yay for Canberra, love Posie

  2. A flash new washer is almost worth the pain of the clean up!! x

  3. I love your new washer. Glad that the sun was shining so you could play with your new toy:) xo

  4. Hopefully the new washer will last a very long time for you Tammy, we just purchased a new one ourselves late last year, already saving on water & soap powder thanks to how far they have come since we purchased our previous one :)


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