We have two. This is the front pond, home to two Orange gold fish, yellow water lilies and other pond plants as well as a heap of yucky slimy algae.

At the back of it is the persimmon tree heavy with fruit and behind that the back pond hides.

The back pond is home to many goldfish orange and white speckled ones too, Pink water lilies, and two other kids of pond plants. Unaffected by algae also the preferred place for birds to drink being perfectly located close to the fig tree that they all so love.

There are closer, prettier shots of the water lilies on my garden blog today
Hope you are enjoying your weekend : )


  1. Looks gorgeous and Tranquil T :)

  2. Just so lovely to see you enjoying your new garden so much Tammy, ponds are such lovely things...

  3. They look like really nice natural ponds T!
    The algae grows best in sunlight so maybe your front pond gets more of the hotter part of the day sun.
    Mum uses a commercial solution to clear the algae and it doesn't hurt the fish so let me know if you want me to get the name off her.

  4. I'm enjoying your outdoors-y blog : )!! You are obviously quite gifted with your green thumb : ). I'm off to look around a little more. Hope your Sunday is calm and restful!


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