Making a home.

Not everything here is totally beautiful and easy to handle. The garden is a wonderful distraction from the work that needs doing. There is so much going on out there, so many beautiful things to see, so much work to do. So I have decided to give the garden its own blog. Before I came here I had an idea that maybe I could take a photo of a different flower every day for a year. Now I have no doubt that it is possible. As the garden was taking over the theme of this blog I'll be posting photos at In my garden as a pretty place. I'll still let bits of the garden in here but will try to get this back to a more all encompassing view of home. 

This house is bigger with more rooms but the bedrooms are much smaller. This provides some storage issues for us. The storage space is mostly plentiful but its functionality leaves things to be desired IMHO. For example the wardrobes are hanging space only with one large overhead shelf. As the room is smaller my chest of drawers would not be adequately accommodated in the space allowed either. So I am currently downsizing my wardrobe contents yet again.

This week ...
  • My time is mainly taken up with gathering School supplies and preparing for the return to School. 
  • Its hot - the hottest week we have had here.
  • I'm obsessed ( mainly just in my thoughts ) with storage products, solutions and options.
  • Trying to establish some semblance of basic routines and finish unpacking however this is hampered by the fact that LOML has been sent down to Vic and is currently at Swan Hill waiting for the flood to arrive ( that sounds odd - Hes doing Flood relief work ) and mostly hampered as my lower back is acting up and its partly to do with the change in height of the washing machine and oven, also having had my clothesline bench taken away.

The bench under the clothesline at the old house.
So I'm bending incorrectly at times but just generally bending a lot more on a daily basis that I have for quite a while. I didn't actually lose the bench though I have re purposed it quite practically for us. He now sits between our back door and Laundry Door. Great for shopping bags, Laundry baskets, a place to sit things while you find your keys and an often shady spot to just sit and watch birds.


I'm trying a plant I have never attempted to grow before, a begonia, in the hanging pot. I remember my mum used to have these in the ground at Grafton when we were young. Hanging on the wall above is my fruit picking basket, on the windowsill my little pruners. These are the two things I am most likely to be looking for when I walk out the door. You can see my peg bag on the inner sill too. : )