Little birdies

 This little guys are known as Silver eyes and fully grown they would not be more than 10cm.
They are frequent visitors to our garden in multitudes. I have tried to share pictures of them when we were at our old place but could never get any clear ones. they are quick and darting in their movement.

The first two photos show them in the beans, dipping their beaks in the flowers.
The second not such a good pic of the bird is used as it has a bean hanging to the left of the bird to give you something for size comparison.

The previous owners of this home were bird lovers and I found some odd circular frames with hooks attached to the top, in the boysenberries. I Immediately visualised a water hanger and found a terracotta pot saucer to suspend in this one. The Silver eyes love it. I have long been a believer of offering water for birds rather than seeds and I'm enjoying seeing the variety of birds that come down to our water here.

No King parrots seen here yet which surprises me as they came for our fruit and water at the old house and in reality it is only about 5 blocks away I guess.

One last pic, the sky here this morning which I was alerted to through the trees when I saw the orange reflection in the bird bath.

Hope you are having a Happy weekend.


  1. Such pretty little birds, you're so lucky Tammy the sparrows have chased them away from so many places.I am seeing why you were so hooked on the new place!


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