A Kitchen helper and surprise.

There are so many things I love an enjoy about the layout of the kitchen and meals area in our new home. Not least of all this big wide bench. This afternoon I did not hesitate as I would have in our old place when Little Miss asked to help make fruit salad. The placement of the bench means she can stand on one side and I on the end working together without getting in each others way : )

The previous owners of this home had gigantic deep water bowls placed in the garden for the birds. All we have to offer at this point in time is Poppas bird bath. It belonged to Dave's Poppa when he was alive and he was a keen photographer and took many shots of birds. I had originally thought to put the bird bath in the place where the water bowl had been but it was an uneven base and on a slant so when I saw a paving stone here with a more even profile I decided to put it under the maple by the back door. You can see that door in the pic above its right by where we eat.

I have seen a wattle bid come down to it and drink which pleased me but can you imagine my delight and surprise to see this glorious Eastern Rosella having the most lovely leisurely ( with one nervous eye on me ) bath!! He splashed, dipped, fluffed and shook around for almost two minutes I guess. The pic is not too clear as I didn't want to scare him away and so zoomed from afar. 

We had another little bather later too, not a brilliantly coloured but nonetheless enjoying it also!


  1. Tammy i can feel your happiness through the computer if thats possible.

  2. This was meant to be.

  3. Oh Tammy your very own place and all the things that make you so happy and give you so much pleasure...

    You girl are living the moment : o )


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