January in Summary

towards the ponds from under a shade tree.
  • We moved into our new home.
  • We settled on this place financially and it all became formal.
  • The new ( to be ) owner moved into our old home.
  • We shopped for School Supplies.
  • Little Mr started to make friends with 2 years older Mr next door.
  • Little Miss started to strike up a friendship a little later with the free spirited two years older Miss from next door.
  • Little Mr gained independence, started to show artistic flare and his conversation skills broadened.
  • Little Miss learned to ride on two wheels, became a confidant Scooter rider, toughened up and started to enjoy the outdoors more.
  • LOML went off for the last week to Flood ravaged Vic stationed at Swan hill for most of the week awaiting the flood waters arrival.
  • I gained a much keener interest in photography and started to sincerely yearn for a new Camera.
  • I started up the garden blog.
  • I began learning to cook and bake in an oven far below the standard and size, I had become accustomed too.
  • Our old washing machine gave up the ghost and we became the proud owners of a lovely front loader.
  • We all gained a much greater measure of inner peace.


  1. Yippie!

    Wow everyone is doing well.

    I hope your hubby does not find as much devastation as we are hearing has happened... You would think the water volume would have dropped enough by now but no - nastyyyy.

  2. Its been a busy month for you guys!
    Love the very last thing on your Summary Tammy - 'We all gained a much greater measure of inner peace' x

  3. a great wrap up of a very busy month T!

  4. Life seems to be progressing nicely down your way, Tammy. In all the little peaks I've had of your garden, it seems to be delightful. It's a great subject for your interest in photography.

  5. What a wonderful January! :)
    I forgot that you would be leaving your beautiful new oven. Here's hoping you and the oven in your new home get on well! :)


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