In the garden today

We picked these with an aspiration to make jam in the coming days. I did some weeding in the Vege bed ( yet to be planted up ) too.

This is a feature I love, such a gorgeous bird house.

 Can you think of a more idyllic setting for a trampoline?

This is the first bunch of Roses I have picked for indoors. It is simply too hard to choose and from every window I look out I can see them anyway. I had friends over for morning tea, so decided to bring some in for the table, they liked our views so much it went till 3pm : )

The perfume of these red beauties is simply divine.


  1. So lovely to see you enjoying your beautiful garden Tammy :)

  2. ooh! I can smell those roses from here T!!
    Have fun making jam :)

  3. Wow, aren't you thoroughly enjoying your new place, what a gorgeous garden, love Posie

  4. Are those Plums you've picked for jam? Our trees are just coming into bloom and this is the first year of plum jam making for me...can you share your recipe?

  5. Yes they are plums. mainly a yellow fleshed variety in this basket with just a few reds in there as well.

  6. YOu are so lucky to move into a rented property ith such abundance!

  7. Your garden looks lovely Tammy, enjoy and have fun making that jam!

  8. I love roses they are my favourite flower. Tammy it looks like your house is a gold mine all of that lovely fruit and yes that bird house is gorgeous, such a pretty setting.

  9. Imagine picking plums the first week or so in your new house!

  10. mmmmmm... the plums are as delicious as they look! Thank you so much for having us over. I'll making fig tarts tonight - so thank you for those too!

    The garden is awe inspiring in person!

  11. Your garden is so beautiful. What paradise! I would love to grow fruit and roses like yours' but the wildlife around my place is having none of it!! x

  12. The roses are just beautiful Tammy. Enjoy the new garden with all that delightful fruit, yummo. xo


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