I am looking forward to living in a larger home.
Establishing new routines.
Having four floor to ceiling cupboards in my kitchen as opposed to the one I have now.
Having a coat cupboard in my Entry.
Beautiful wooden floors.
Finding new homes for all the existing things.
Getting to know a new home.
Watching the baby birds nested at front of our home grow.
Less Clutter.
Having an En-suite.
Looking out any window to an extraordinarily calming and soul soothing garden
The painting, designing and decorating that is to follow.

This is a scheduled post coming to you in anticipation, as we are starting to experience the things, I write here about looking forward to.


  1. ahhhh...i feel the garden too...beautiful and exciting, good for you..x

  2. Enjoy! :) Hope you'll all have many happy years in your lovely new home. xxx

  3. You are probably hard at it at this very moment Tammy. The garden looks beautiful.

  4. Wow i bet you will love your own ensuite i know i did when we moved house and the floors it all sounds so exciting.

  5. Hope all is going smoothly.


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