The changing Landscape

Right now we are living in an ever changing landscape of boxes.

Two mound's get constantly smaller.

Features of the landscape pop up and then move on.

Small interesting features disappear over time until only the essentials are left.

These mounds continue to grow, pop up everywhere and encroach on the space. What is usually hidden away in cupboards, comes out and adds to the box landscape and the mounds and mountains grow.

Very Soon the landscape will again change but this time it will be a landscape of similar features in a new location. The new landscape will work in reverse with the mountains of boxes dwindling bit by bit and the order and clutter free plains returning.

I'll see you there next week.


  1. It looks like you are making good progress Tammy.

  2. Not long now...I am so excited for you!!
    Will be thinking of you over the next few days. J.xx

  3. AH I love moving - getting rid of clutter and a new fresh place... Hope it is as stress free as possible...

  4. good luck with getting the boxes to dwindle over time...some of mine are still waiting 6 months on...


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