Can you Identify these Plants?

The previous owner of this home buried her Vege Scraps in the garden as a result there are a few new to me plants that I can not identify as friend or foe as I am slowly weeding it and preparing to plant. Logic tells me that if bugs are eating it then it's probably something for humans. lol Such as these three pictures.


I believe this is the same as the plant above.

These are things I perceive as some kind of herbs, such as these.


4. this one smells very Lemony when you break it.

There are a couple I recognise one Biggie I believe will be a pumpkin of some kind, this little Strawberry and a tomato that needs staking. I accidentally pulled out a shallot or small white onion of some kind too.

Some more that I have no idea about.


If you click on the pics you should get a bigger version and any help in identification would be much appreciated : )


  1. 5 looks a little like potato maybe?

  2. 1. ummm a bay leaf???

    2. let it grow and see!

    3.unless the leaves are as thin as flat parsely I don think it is a herb... not sure. It looks like that flowering plant I have here - thin stalk and delicate thin flower at end. Let it grow.

    4. looks like a mint to me. Lemon balm mint?

    5. I am not sure. it has TINY white flowers.

    6. Strawberry plant? Or maybe - oh what is its name - ummm flowers - nice plant - let it grow.

    Take a sample to the local nursery - our guys are so helpful.

    Sorry I am not much help.

  3. Maybe a part of the nightshade family Sam. Its Smaller and spindlier than any of the potato's I have grown

  4. No 4 lemonbalm/
    No6 could be a grape! Honest I have one that popped up and it looked just like that!
    No 5 a potato??
    No 1 I recognise! But I just can't think.

  5. Hope this helps and I go the numbers right!

    1 avocado
    2 squash/pumpkin
    3 type of geranium (weed)
    4 lemon balm
    5 strawberry
    6 deadly nightshade
    7 desidious tree (big one like a elm)

  6. Tammy is no 2 furry if it is how about sage, sorry cant help you with the rest.
    Your jam from the other ost sure looks great, if i lived close by i would have to come and steal some as its one of my favourites.

  7. Tammy I just got Tony to have a look -- he thinks that they all look like weeds he has seen in our garden except for the lemon one which is balm. The first three he thinks are rainforest type weeds and the potato one potato creeper.

  8. Yea the mint one is Lemon Balm. The picture before that looks like my wild geranium. If it has pretty purple blooms on it that is probably what it is. The other's I'm not so sure about.

  9. Ohhh I love a good guess....Ok here's my guesses:
    1. avocado or bay
    2. hard to see but could be a zucchini, pumpkin or cuey?
    3. weed:)
    4. lemon balm
    5. weed:)
    6.looks like a grape - that's weird that it's coming up in your compost if it's a grape. Could be a box elder or maple of some kind?

    That was fun!


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