Tis the season to be Jolly

These were the best ( when cropped ) photos I got on the 1st Dec this year.
So far the first couple of Day's of December have been interesting - yesterday in a not so good way. I have faith it will all get better though. 
The Auction to sell our home is next week so I'm hoping that we are able to sell at that time and that this weekend may be our last open house, aside from the one immediately prior to the Auction on Thursday that is.

The rain is constant and seemingly relentless, we are back in winter weight clothing here which is really very odd for early summer. Our yard is a big mud puddle front and back. Yesterday after a particularly concentrated heavy downpour the local storm water drains overflowed onto a road causing a dangerous situation needing Fire engines and police to block that section.

So during this time of crazy weather, crazy house buying & selling emotions and a very deep tiredness I am trying to have a little focus at least on the joy of the season and creating some delight in the Children.
I am trying to remember what lies on the horizon in terms of home and Christmas celebrations ( especially home ) is so much more promising than this spot I look at it all from right now. The reason I am where I am now is to enable us to get to that place in the not so distant future : )


  1. Hugs T!
    Gorgeous first photo, those two will help you see the joy of the season in amongst all the everyday stress :)


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