I'm dipping my toes in the water and beginning.
I'm starting in Our bedroom and packing up the top shelves of the cupboards, the places where seldom needed things are stored. I chose to start there in a hope that the children seeing me packing some of my more personal belongings may help them when we start on theirs.

Scrap booking Albums and Pages
I started yesterday and am moving at an easy pace. I'm also culling in the process and have already free cycled a baby bath sized tub of baby clothes. I have a rubbish bag and a charity tub by my carton. However I did not need either of those as I pulled out and boxed up my completed Scrap booking. Might I say not without a little reminiscing between the taking from the cupboard and putting in the box. I have so many pages that are not in Albums, easily as many if not more than I do have in Albums.

So many precious things I had forgotten recorded in those pages.
So I'm wondering why don't I Scrapbook any more ?


  1. Be ruthless!! I go in armed with garbage bags for charity, rubbish & storage, it happens every school holidays & it astounds me how much i can get out of the bedrooms of 4 children!! They don't hoard, so much is school art blah. My robe is terrible, me next!! Love Posie

  2. Thanks, you have made me want to go and pull out all of my scrapbook albums, so i am going to make myself a cappucino and do exactly just that. Its 40 here and not a day to do anything really but laze about-which i have been doing-
    good luck with the packing.

  3. I am the same Tammy - I seem to have slowed down with my scrapbooking and stitching more - I see it as a phase - I will slow down the stitching and move back to scraping - at least I keep it happening behind the scenes - I am at least a year behind - but for the first time am not worried - though I hope I d not forget to much to scrap the memory...

  4. I've been wondering lately what happened to my scrapbooking too. Plenty of products, plenty of photos, not so much desire to do anything with them. :(

  5. You are a brave woman. And baby clothes always have me unstuck. As far as scrapbooking goes, I bet you anything, if you clear out all those bits and bobs, you would be hit with a sudden desperate scrapbooking need next week!

    (you can tell I'm terrible at the clear-out, right?)

  6. Yep...i have my baby on clean out patrol now...time for it in every holiday period(usually end of year).
    As for the scrapbooking...i dont know T...maybe once you move you may feel inspired again. You have pursued other crafts this year. I try to do a page ocassionally, in between the learning to crochet, the knitting, sometimes sewing. Currently today cutting glass for a window or my sons house. Too many crafts...too little time...happy ruthless. Some stuff we wont ever use again!!!


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