The last week of School - Christmas cards

All the children in Misses Class seem to be including a candy cane with their Christmas Cards and giving them out to the whole class!

Little Mr and Little Miss don't like Candy Canes very much at all so we decided to attach gingerbread stars to ours.
I found this recipe to be quite bland so and thought the mildness of the ginger would be good for Children ( I will try to make it again in a more adult version ) 

I put a star in each zip lock bag.

Stamped the front ( of the bag ) with the PTI tiny treats Gingerbread Man using StazOn Ink

Attached it to the flap of the envelope 

and they were presented like this. : )


  1. Tammy, they're so pretty, I love the stamps on them, I had no idea you could even do that on food!

  2. Tammy this looks great and such a good idea to give as a little gift, I really don't candy canes and this year the girls got so many. I'll have to remember for next year, thank you for the great idea.xo

  3. Great idea T...glad you said the stamp was on the bag, the pic had me *bem* lol!!

    Candy canes in cards are all the rage at our school too but we don't do fact one of the boys in Os class asked were the candy cane was and when told there wasn't one threw the card in the bin right in front of O! *rem*

  4. what a great idea. Much more personal and better on the teeth than candy canes.. .I refuse to do candy canes.
    Love this idea, will keep it in mind for next year.

  5. Ugh, the amount of candy canes my girls are eating at the moment is making me sick!
    I love the look and idea of what you guys did so much better. I think we might be cutting cookie stars after school today too. (sooooooo last minute.)
    Also, I am so sorry your house didn't seel at auction Tammy but I think your attitude is amazing and I look forward to hearing about your sale really, really soon. X

  6. What a clever treat :)
    My girls gave out christmas pencils with their cards.

  7. i was so happy that my kids' school banned candy canes (and all food actually) from the card giving - it is so OTT!!! (not that the heat embossed glow in the dark images my children put on their cards wasn't OTT...nooooo....)

  8. Tammy they look fantastic and what a great idea with the stamping on the bag, i must remember that.

  9. Awww, these look SO cute! Great idea!
    I was shocked when I went to my little nieces kindergarten "graduation" on Monday & all the little kids gave out candy canes with their cards... We didn't even have cards to give!! :-/

  10. These look fantastic - you did so well.

    Was so pleased you are so optimistic about the auction. Good head space to be in.


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