Lace Cap Hydrangea - Strawberries and cream

I really prefer a more traditional full flowering hydrangea.
When I bought these they were smaller shrubs with no flower heads, I chose the smaller less expensive ones and was a bit disappointed when I got home to discover Via Google I had bought lace caps.

However now that they are flowering I am somewhat less disappointed ; )

I was struck by a strange melancholy thought as I sat on the steps, in the shade, drinking Tea this afternoon. It may only be a few more days that this is our home. If we sell at Auction on Thursday, (which we do hope to do) though we will still inhabit the building it will be someone else's new home! 
Thinking about the flowers I won't see bloom again next season I realised this is not our home for too much longer.


  1. It's easy enough to take cuttings of hydrangeas! Take some with you.

  2. hmmmm....i know that feeling T...still miss mine...probably always will, its a big part of your life when you build a home, stay for 20 years, have your babies in it....its almost leaving a member behind...take the memories with you...good luck on Thursday...i hope you unlock that dream!!x

  3. I love my Lace Hydrangea, it isn't as pink as yours but is out beautifully right now too :)

    Just think of all the as yet undiscovered things in your new garden!


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