Hello Cocky!

These guys are frequent visitors lately. The trees are in fruit.
Though its not the fruit they want, it seems to be the seeds that are the prize. 

They are such beautiful birds but gee they make a nasty mess.

Directly below where he sits
the other side of the tree
Here is a visitor from a couple of days ago, note his feathers stained by the plums.

The apples are at least large enough that they can pick a fruit and hold it but in the plum they just snap the branches off as they please pluck away the fruit and crack the seeds the mess under the plum is atrocious  especially when there are 8 or more at a time feeding. If its not picked up immediately the fruit starts to rot and stink the place up and the flies turn up. 

the mess Cockatoos leave under the plum tree.

If you are interested this is a vid of him in Action with the Crab Apples. You might be lucky enough to hear the crunching over my neighbours and the traffic.


  1. Wow, what a mess. I like that photo with his chest stained. Somehow Christmassy!

  2. Your garden is way too attractive, but those cockatoos are EVERYWHERE!! & the Galahs, love Posie

  3. Oh the birds eating the seeds and leaving the fruit are driving me insane. We always say we are happy for them to take 10% but they never abide by that deal.
    I hope you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas and the happiest and most inspired and creative 2011 Tammy. XX


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