Close your eyes and make a wish.

Or perhaps batten down in a storm, might be more appropriate.

Crested pigeon puffed up, eyes closed, holding on in the wind 

Thank you to all of those people who called, texted, emailed and communicated online with me wishing us luck and sending good thoughts our way for the Auction. It really means a lot that so many people who care about us took a moment to wish us good fortune.

The house did not sell at Auction.
I felt a slight sting for maybe 20 minutes but shrugged it off. It just wasn't to be. It means we will bear a heavier financial burden for a while but I trust that taking a new approach in marketing will bring new people through our door and one of them will be the right one.

Auction was not my preferred method of sale but was persuasively sold to me as my best chance at quick(er ) completion. I trust what these guys say, I know them and work with them, I know that ultimately we all want the same thing. At the end of the day you just can't know what other people will do on the day I guess.
We did have a bidder, one who had made a pre Auction offer that we rejected. He then proceeded to start the bidding $30, 000 below our rejected offer so it seemed from the outset that a sale was not probable.

So we went out for dinner afterwards as planned and had a great family meal.
We quickly applied a shift in our thinking and have moved on quite easily with grace. We now just wait for the right person with the right offer. We are back on the market immediately and have another open house booked for this weekend. I'm feeling quite calm and am still Optimistic.


  1. You sound like are are in a good place re. house. Sorry it didn't sell. You are right though, the right buyer is out there and they will pay what it is worth xox

  2. Oh Tammy that's a pity. Its good that you are still thinking positively :)
    Echoing Bianca's comments also.

  3. hmmm...Its interesting whats happening around Aus right now with Auctions...the clearance rates say a lot...good you are standing your ground. You never know, your low bidder might just be a bit more realistic now, if they are seriously wanting 'that house'. Good luck with it all T...x

  4. Awww... I'm so sorry Tammy, we had everything crossed for you. Things will work out in the end - and may even exceed your expectations, xxx

  5. Great outlook on it all. Stay positive and the right buyer will come along.

  6. Sorry to hear it didn't work out as you had hoped, Tammy. When we sold our house, there was a strange thing going on, where houses went to auction, were passed in and then sold afterwards. Weird. Hoping the same thing happens in your case. Fingers crossed and sending positive vibes your way.


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