Christmas Countdown

We have a train here that I think is intended to be an advent calendar but as we do not observe the religious traditions associated with advent I hesitate to call it an advent calendar and refer to it as the count down train.

During the week one of the countdown train activities was to decorate and eat ginger bread men.

LittleMr's Gingerbread man

Little Miss's gingerbread man

They decorated these unassisted, left with two colours of icing and some choc chips. Little Mr surprised the pants off me with his effort in colour coordination and placement too! I sprinkled the 100's and 1000's.
I hear they were delicious ; )


  1. We didn't do an advent calendar, i like the countdown train idea, we're not religious either!! Love Posie

  2. Greetings from Canada Those gingerbread cookies look delicious. I found you on down to earth and just wanted to say Hello.You have a lovely family. Have a Good Christmas.

  3. Now Tammy where are you getting the time to bake? I am still so far behind its not funny. Is the urge to scrapbook not striking you yet with these great everyday happenings.
    My Joe has finally started his apprenticeship and as he is still a L driver i have to pick him up every night as he has the 3 to 12.30 shift and gosh am i tired thank god i am on holidays.

  4. yum yum yum... OUr Christmas baking starts tomorrow!


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