Child Logic

On Sunday I made some shortbread stars.
Which I lightly dusted, post cooking, with caster sugar. As you can see in the photo.

Yesterday after School I asked Little Miss if she would like a Shortbread star.
She declined saying "no thanks mum, they are a bit too sugary...

... can I have one of these instead?"

Hmmm. Go figure.

 I can't compete with the lure of the never before in our pantry special treat, impulse purchase biscuits, she was introduced to at School.

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday.


  1. I'd pick you homemade shortbread any day Tammy. Kids!

  2. I would chose your homemade shortbread any day! Looks really yummy!

  3. Oh, that is too funny! I love 'little' logic. I would also choose your yummy looking stars over 'nice' any day! Mmmm! :)

  4. Very funny and totally cute!! Your shortbread looks soooo good!! Not a crack in sight! xox

  5. *giggle* Similar things have happened here! Always happy to accept the shortbread here if it needs a home. ;)


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