Very, Very, Berry

So I'm taking you outside today. A little bit of bright deliciousness in my backyard.

A few snail trails but largely not under attack by pest's this year as they have been in years prior. Pots work best for me when it comes to Strawberries. I took all of these pictures this afternoon. Dave and I sampled the first two ripe ones yesterday! They are good!

Here's the last pot out on its own and where we took the ripe ones from. The other smaller pot's have lettuce in various stages


  1. Lovely berries! We have to make sure Bill doesn't eat ours.

  2. Oh I am so envious... we're growing strawberries too but they never stay on the plant long enough for me to get to taste one let alone take a photo... my two little treasures check on them daily!

  3. Oh yum!
    We are enjoying strawberries from the garden too at the moment. Althought the kids tend to eat them all in the garden and I have to sneak up there early in the morning to get a ripe one before they wake up! lol

  4. Oh yum! It's so exciting and rewarding to be able to pick from your own garden and they do taste the best. I have a plant stand just the same too!xo


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