Remember all of this pumpkin I had on hand back in June?

I have had this little butter nut stored in the laundry since then.  6 whole months sitting on my second freezer!
Then on Wednesday feeling a little frazzled I shoved a washing basket back too far and heard a thud. I looked down and saw my pumpkin sitting upright in a pool of juice! Uh oh.
I pulled out the freezer and retrieved the pumpkin to observe the split running evenly around its bottom almost precisely in half, I cut it open to see the damage and state of preservation ... perfect.

Just what I didn't want to be dealing with at Dinner time! I hope to cook it all up for freezer today. 


  1. No the last thing you want to be bothered with at dinner time, but it still looks yummy.

  2. Just leaving a note to say hi - Jo and I are frequent lurkers around these parts, and we thought maybe we should let you know how nice to have this connection to home

    Say hi to the kids for us too!


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