Dark Secret

For The Mr's Birthday I tempted fate and decided to try a new recipe for the cake.

My dark secret is that if ever I try a new cake recipe on the day of the event it is needed for it inevitably falls apart. Otherwise known as Murphy's Law.

Not to be defeated this year I cut the undamaged half of the cake off and put it safely away for snacks ; )
I crumbled some into desert glasses until they were half full then put in a layer of sweetened ( with icing sugar ) raspberries followed by a thicker layer of whipped cream as per the cake instructions. I topped it with  a chunk of cake and another dollop of whipped cream ...

and some finely grated chocolate.
He said it was his best Birthday cake ever : )


  1. Whoops....I've had a few of those disasters myself. My tip, line your tin, even if it says non stick.
    The desert looks great :)

  2. Great looking dessert. I've had the same sort of disasters, like Lisa I line the tin no matter what the recipe says.

  3. Well done, good save!

  4. Shame about the cake falling about, however.. Awesome save! that looks fantastic and classy.

  5. awww...how sweet....love it...i best it tasted divine..x

  6. Excellent Recovery Tammy :)
    Looks so Scrumptious!

  7. See there uou go, from disaster comes victory and i bet if you tried to make that parfait again it wont be as good as this one.
    Happy Birthday to your man.

  8. what a great save!! way to go :)


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