Bags and Tags.

Here is what we spent most of a rainy day, yesterday, coming back to. A bit of early preparation on teachers gifts for the last week of School, just three weeks away.

The way Little Miss's School is set up there are 4 classes of her year all with quite open fronted rooms. They open out onto a common area. So at times teachers from other room will be helping each other out in different rooms, students spend a little time in rooms other than their own.

So in addition to the 4 teacher bags with an extra special one for her specific Teacher there is also a relief teacher once a week while Mrs V works with her ESL students. Then there is also the head of the junior class teachers or the senior teacher who spends time with all the kids.

So that's 6 bags. Just to clarify why I explained all of that.

I discovered that the cut outs from the inside of bag die handles fit on a circle nicely to make a cute Christmas bauble!

Little Miss made some special tags to write a message on and pop in each bag when it has its goodies inside.
She stamped with her own ink and a foam stamp to get the flower background, carefully co-ordinating ink choices to get rainbows on some. She selected the shapes, layout, colours and stamps to use and I helped her with the tiny PTI stamps.


  1. How adorable Tammy! Miss 6 did a wonderful job on her tags :)

  2. Lovely Tammy., and I say that as a former teacher.

  3. Beautiful!! They are really sweet, Tammy. Very lucky teachers :)

  4. Your bags look great T...and so do Miss 6s tags :)

  5. You are amazing how organised you are...

  6. mine were in small school there was one teacher..and that teacher was the aid, was the principal...etc....extra aids were parents...times have changed in a relatively short space of time!!!
    Your baskets look great x


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