Additions to this weekends Decor

We had another open house this morning so it was up early and Mop, Sweep, Dust and De Cluttering type activities here. On Thursday I took a trip to a near by Garden centre to but a water loving shrub for our soggy slow draining spot in the yard. While I was there I opted to take this hot pink Ivy leaf Geranium rather than buy table flowers for the open house I put it in a plain deep decorative pot so I can swap it out for something else later.

Ivy Leaf Geranium
I hit up the garden in the overlooked areas and got these two toned miniature and old fashioned small red roses. I think the pink and white ones are technically a neighbours, they grow between our two driveways.

Miniature Roses
 Something sharp and a good dash of colour, a last minute morning addition for the bathroom. I felt a little guilty taking thse from the bee's and honey eaters luckily there are plenty with a very fully laden tree.

Bottle Brush Flowers
 Something more Classic and Elegant for the bedside table, a big crystal vase full of White Iceberg Roses.

Iceberg Roses
Just a point of interest and little bit of history; some of the lookers at our house today were the original owners who shared with the agent that they bought it in 1970, it was brand new then,  for ( I think it was ) $14,000.00, they were just here for a bit of a look and reminisce. They recalled to him how outraged they were when their mortgage payments jumped up to $79.00 a month. : )

Hope you are having a lovely Weekend what ever you are up to : )


  1. Gorgeous way to sell a house, delicious flowers & scents!! Good luck, love Posie
    PS check out my giveaway Tammy & come to the Handmade Living book launch Friday week!!

  2. The flowers are gorgeous T and would have made lovely spots of colour throughout your home this morning...and now you can enjoy them :)
    My parents bought their first house in the suburb next to yours in 1971, brand new for $12,000

  3. Oh I know exactly what you mean. My house is on the market too!


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