A Kangaroo in the garden!

Yesterday it poured raining pretty much all day In the morning I was taping up the window frames ready for painting when the phone rang. As I stood talking by the window I gasped in Surprise as I noted a Kangaroo on the Corner across the road! Very shortly after he made his way over to our place and settled in for the day.
Through our front blinds
Taken through the glass.
He was only Young ( in my inexpert judgement ) I decided that based on his size, which was not as tall as me and his features don't seem square or mature enough. After I took the pics in the morning I thought he moved on but as we headed out to pick Miss up from School we saw him under a large tree/shrub he came out again grazing for another couple of skittish hours in the afternoon.

closer to the house in the afternoon. Flower pots on front steps.

He happily ate grass, rejected the Agapanthus he started to sample as he walked through the garden. He seemed to most enjoy and perhaps seek out more persistently something tough that grew very close to the ground. I'm wondering if it was dandelion.

That was our entertainment for yesterday.
Its certainly not everyday a Kangaroo stops by your suburban home and makes himself at home in your garden all day.


  1. Maybe Skippy has reincarnated? :)

  2. I quite enjoyed wandering through your blog this morning with all the delicious photos! Nice blog.

  3. Totally cool. We have seen them hopping down the main streets of the Canberra CBD before, honestly, kangaroos in our capital city, it's true!! We get them in Gungahlin, it's so much fun still, better in your garden than in front of your car!! Yikes!! Have a lovely weekend, we had sleet this morning!! Love Posie

  4. How amazing is that. I wouldn't have got anything done while he was there, I would have been content to watch from the window. I have adopted this wonderful country as my home and when I see this, it reminds me of what a beautiful blessing it is for me to be privileged to live in Australia.

  5. That is so cool! Lucky you!

  6. What a beautiful sight to be greeted with for the day. xo

  7. What a wonderful surprise, Tammy! Don't you just love it when you get unexpected garden visitors? Great picure :)

    I'll never forget when we first moved in here, I looked out the window to see an echidna rambling across the way. I called the kids over, saying "Look! There goes Mrs Tiggy Winkle!" (Beatrix Potter character)


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